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We create modern wellness environments for modern life .

Treat Yourself to Luxury

You deserve an excellent, relaxing beauty treatment.

Westmount Esthetician’s Natural, Pain-Free Beauty Treatments

Welcome to Esthé Linda! We create modern wellness environments for modern life.

You’re a modern, beauty-conscious individual who cares about feeling and looking good, and you shouldn’t settle for a beauty service that’s less than outstanding. Experienced, professional, and passionate about her craft since she was a teenager, Westmount-based esthetician Linda is who you’re looking for!

With 42 years of industry experience, Linda of Esthé Linda (established in 1981) invites you to a relaxing beauty experience that will help you not only look good, but feel amazing. She is committed to providing a stress-free environment that is suitable for everyone, from seasoned clients ready for a luxurious experience to novices nervous about beauty treatments. Patient, caring, and a true lover of what she does, don’t expect your session to end until Linda believes her job is complete! She doesn’t settle for second-rate, and will make sure you leave with a natural glow to your skin and a natural spring in your step.

We share an entrance with Westmount Hair Salon , so visit us both for a one-trip makeover!

Treat Yourself

Beauty should be enjoyable. Linda looks forward to sharing a truly relaxing experience with you, no matter your age. Self-care is for everyone, and a positive body image and clear skin is beneficial to your health, so don’t be afraid to indulge a little. Choose from a variety of esthetic services and get the skills of someone with over 40 years of experience in the field.

Linda also sells high-quality products for lashes and facial treatments.

You deserve it, so treat yourself. Contact Esthé Linda today to book relaxing esthetic services in Westmount for your next day off.


We Use Innovative Products

An Intraceuticals treatment uses oxygen to reduce the effects of aging.


Big Day Coming Up?

A facial ensures you’ll be camera ready!


Release Your Zen

Boost both outer beauty and inner confidence with Rezenerate.


Beauty Should Be Painless

We use fruit-based peels that are natural and gentle.


Gentler Ways to Reverse Skin Damage

Looking young and looking healthy can be simple and stress-free.


Smooth, Smooth Skin You’ve Always Wanted

With her caring and gentle touch, Linda can lead you through your first waxing.


Lovelier Lashes

Beauty products to enhance your eyelashes’ natural beauty.


Fabulous Faces

Products combining science and nature to bring you beauty that works.

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